• BORST | New Clubhouse Fundraiser
  • BORST | Clubhouse Fundraiser

    Bit O'Red Supporters Trust

    Hi Anonymous,

    We have purchased what is called a modular building. Very similar to the offices in The Showgrounds already, but we will have more of an open plan to maximize space. It is roughly around the same size.

    We felt the one thing missing from The Showgrounds was a social area where fans can meet up before, during and after the game. It will also be available to the camps, players and any other activity required by Sligo Rovers fans and community.

    We feel it will be the heartbeat to The Showgrounds and something that we haven’t had before.

    We have put a huge amount of work and fundraising to get to this point, and we have a lot more to do, work and fundraising! As it cost well in excess of a five figures.

    We hope to have it up and running for the first home game, fingers crossed.

    We are really excited for this new chapter in The Showgrounds.


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