Save Bray... We need you support

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Save Bray... We need you support

Post by SaveBray » Wed Jul 15, 2015 11:27 am

Who are Save Bray...

“Save Bray” is a newly formed group of extremely concerned and worried Bray Wanderers supporters, fans and well wishers.

Why are we worried and concerned...

Over recent months Bray Wanderers Football Club have been rarely been out of both the local and national media, but sadly for all the wrong reasons. We have major concerns about the way in which our club has been run.

As a club we have always held a good standing within the wider sporting community of Ireland but the past couple of months have brought unheard of negative publicity not only to our club but also to the town of Bray and it’s proud citizens.

Community Counts...

As a community, both personal and business based, it is time to stick together. The longer things continue to go they way they are, the greater the chance of the folding and collapse of our towns premier football club. If things continue the way they are, there is a real chance there will be no more Bray Wanderers.

A community based club needs the backing of the community as a whole but the actions and inactions of the current regime has alienated large sections of the business and wider community within Bray and Co. Wicklow.

If you are from Bray, Wicklow or it’s surrounding areas, we need you support, without it we feel our town’s club is doomed.

Again, we cannot state how much we need you to support us on our mission in helping restore the good name our town’s club once had. Only with you can we make this happen.

You may say to yourself, I’m not from Bray though, or I don’t like soccer so why should I care? This isn’t just a Bray Wanderers problem or a problem for the town of Bray. It is a community problem and one that could happen quite as easily rear it’s ugly head in your town or village next. This is about friends, families and business people coming together and standing up against people that are causing irreversible damage in our communities.

Sport plays a major part in the lives of hundreds of thousands people up and down Ireland on a weekly basis, it brings people together and provides an outlet for young and old alike. You need to ask yourself, what if your club was being poorly run and mismanaged, what if your club looked like it could come to an end if it kept happening. Would you stand by and let you the heart and soul of community be ripped apart?

If your answer is no, then you have a part to play in helping protect our community.

How can you help...

Quite simply we are looking for answers and clarification on our great clubs future. All you need to do is sign our petition and help us spread word via the various social media.

Our aim is to gather enough support and then publicly invite the club chairman to an open meeting about the clubs future and why we have had to endure months upon months of turmoil that has ripped the soul out of our club.

Our petition can be signed ... ay=control

Get in touch...

For full information on Save Bray please email:

13TH JULY 2015

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